Fixed Umbrella

Comfort and practicality on sunny days.
Comfort and practicality on sunny days.

Useful and elegant, they add charm to your garden or outdoor area.

Fixed Umbrella Burgundy
Fixed Umbrella Green
Fixed Umbrella Beige

How great it is to be able to welcome friends and family for lunch or happy hour by the pool, on the beach or in the country house.

Easy to open and close, the Fixed Umbrella is adjustable with ratchet and crank, aluminum structure and removable fabric for easier washing, including in the washing machine.

Easy to open and close Has a fixed stem Adjustable with crank 100% aluminum Removable fabric Fabric washable, including in the machine 2500mm diameter Available in colors:

Black shaft and burgundy fabric Black shaft and Beige fabric Black shaft and Green fabric Immediate delivery

Attention: Make sure that all products and accessories installed in your pool are from the iGUi/Progeu brand.

We are not responsible for related products, and no guarantees will be provided for products from other brands.

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