Max Siege

Security technology for family peace of mind
Security technology for family peace of mind

É um produto apropriado para o cercamento da piscina, garantindo a tranquilidade da família com as crianças e pequenos animais


The Max fence was specially designed to be an additional safety item for parental supervision, designed to reduce the risk of accidents in swimming pools and allow limiting access to the pool area, thus keeping small children and pets out of reach. the pool, in addition to being removable if you want to free up this space.

Gate 1 m
Module 2 m
Module 3 m


Height: 1 meter
Structure made of anodized aluminum
PVC screen with UV treatment
Adaptable to any pool model
Installation kit included (anchors and set of locks for fixing to the wall)

We inform you that the Cerco Max equipment helps, but does not guarantee total safety.

Children must always be assisted by a responsible person.

Immediate delivery

Attention: Make sure that all products and accessories installed in your pool are from the iGUi/Progeu brand.

We are not responsible for related products, and no guarantees will be provided for products from other brands.

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