Now your iGUi has the best and most widely used treatment of water in the world!

The CHLORINATOR iGUi transforms salt water into chlorine, this system treats the swimming pools, without the use of chlorine in the water, it is the most widely used in the world.

You will not place more chlorine in the water to do the disinfection, you will place the recommended amount of salt for your type of pool. This salt will be transformed into chlorine daily by the CHLORINATOR iGUi, thus maintaining adequate levels.

Salt replacement is only required when the level of water in the pool has to be completed for some reason.

On request


The chlorinator iGUi works turning salt into chlorine through a chemical reaction. The equipment works with salinized pool water and chlorine generated by it makes the pool water disinfection.

After the chlorine sanitizes the water, it returns to reunite with the sodium residual and salt is thus recomposed by closing a cycle; This way the salt added to the water is not consumed in the process.

CHLORINATOR iGUi is included in the ELETRONIC SYSTEM equipments and G4 COMFORT and available as "optional item" for the equipments NEW G3 and G4 STANDARD.