Filter Bag

Filter Bag is made of polyester, retains the minor particles of impurities aspirated by the system and can be used in all iGUi Water Treatment Plants.

Its use is simple and cleaning is extremely easy. It was devised to give convenience to the customer when it comes to clean it, then it´s just enough to do the replacement of the dirty filter by a clean one at the Treatment Plant and place the one which was used in the washing machine, this will be clean and ready to be used again.

An important feature is that it retains up to 6 micron particles effectively, which promotes hygiene and cleaning your pool.

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It has an armoured valve which allows washing machines to wash clothes, it could also be done the retro washed manually at the Treatment Plant , or, it can be washed with hydro-washer or hose and brush.

It depends on the amount of the daily amount of hours of filtering, the environment where the pool is installed and the dirt that accumulates daily to determine how often the PRATIC filter must be changed.

Diameter: 24,5cm.

Size: 40cm.

Packaging: Box with 1 unit.

Fits models ECO SYSTEM, G2, G3 and G4 of all iGUi pools.