Swimming Pool Safety

“The recreation and well-being that a swimming pool at home can provide are directly related to the SAFETY that the product we have acquired gives us”.

With this in mind, iGUi has developed a specific line of products (filters with locks, handrails, control panel, covers, protection fences, water alarms, life jackets, etc.) as well as other important elements Help protect children, the elderly and pets when they are in or around the pool.

Another important detail is that most of the iGUi pools were developed by the Department of Architecture with stairs and benches at their ends to facilitate access and exit of the pool for people of all ages or pets that may fall into the water.

This set of elements avoids serious inconveniences before unforeseen, guaranteeing a pleasant fun with total SAFETY for your family.

Security: this is the keyword


You, who are buying a pool, need to know some unknown aspects about SAFETY that most people at the time of purchase are unaware of.

In countries where safety is a priority, "closed suction" has been banned for many years. Our exclusive MAX system provides complete safety in this regard, as the suction, drainage and circulation of water are made without pressure exposed to the user, completely avoiding the risk of injury, suction or imprisonment of submerged persons.

The iGUi - Progeu Equipments gently collect surface water, which passes through a conduit for the Treatment Center by gravity, "without any type of suction being exposed to people in the pool."

Max System



Provides greater security and facilitates the use of your pool

The Handrail Max is an important item of SECURITY, which facilitates the access and the exit of the swimming pool for people of all the ages, favoring especially in this aspect to children and old.

Among the main features is the modern and rounded design, the ease of cleaning and that does not need to be polished.

It is easy and quick to install in any type of pool.

Control Panel

Control Panel

More safety in your pool

All Treatment Plants include a Control Panel with circuit breakers that protect the different elements that compose the pool by cutting the energy if discharges, surges, heating or short circuits occur.

Apart from these circuit breakers all the Control Panels include a DR (Residual Differential) Key that is an Extra Protection against all the factors already mentioned and that totally deactivates the passage of electric current before the minimum signal of overload or leak of energy.

Safety Lid

Safety Lid

G4 Swimming Pool Water Treatment Plants

The G4 Centrals have a SAFE COVER which has two locks, when open it has access to the hydraulic compartment of the equipment, "not access to the electrical part", avoiding possible inconveniences.

To access the electrical compartment of the plant is necessary the use of a screwdriver, this way we will open the pump sector to carry out the cleaning or any necessary repair.