G5 Comfort

New G5 Filter with more practicality, safety and economy in the treatment of your pool.

Leisure and well-being are directly linked to pool safety and with that in mind iGUi has developed a new specific concept of filters and important safety items to protect your family, such as Control Panel and Handrail Max, and thus ensure much more fun with total security.

With the G5 Comfort water treatment center, it is not necessary to put chlorine into the water to carry out disinfection, it is only necessary to place the recommended amount of salt that corresponds to your type of pool. This salt will be transformed into chlorine daily by the CHLORINATOR iGUi when circulation is on, thus maintaining adequate levels.

It could be necessary the replacement or addition of salt when there be required increased of unsalted water, i.e., when the level of water in the pool be completed for some reaton.

The G5 Comfort filter line is equipped with a 3/4 CV self-priming pump that provides filtration of 13,090 liters per hour.

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Important notice:

In countries where safety is priority closed suction it is forbidden for many years. With our equipment, aspiration, the drained and the water circulation are made without pressure exposed to the user, completely avoiding the risk of injuring or imprison people submerged. "Water is collected from the surface by gravity".


Serial Items of this filter model:

  • QC MAX Control Board *
  • Pool Cleaner (automatic vacuum) Papaterra
  • iGUi Chlorinator *
  • iGUiLux Dual Color RGB Lighting (triple power)
  • 01 Elemento Filtrante *
  • Aqua Level (Automatic Level Regulator) *
  • 3/4 CV Motor Pump
  • Filtering volume of 13,900 m³/h
  • Engine´s Thermal Protector
  • Handrail *
  • 01 Return Device *
  • 01 Heating Device
  • Device to Waterfall, Drain, Return and Hidrotherapy
  • Skimmer
  • Safety Drain Against Flooding
  • Adapter and Pre-Filter
  • Safety Pre-Filter
  • Complete Hydrotherapy *
  • Safe Cover (Security key) *
  • Connection Kit for Hydraulic Ecologic Tube *
  • 82 ft installation hose per pool
  • Suction Kit: Vacuum, Sieve, Super Side, 26 ft vacuum hose and 9,84 ft Telescopic Cable
  • Max System *
  • Pratic System *
  • Accessories organizer "To Keep" *
  • Wait for installation of Equipment Block Heating *
  • Simple and complete Instruction Manual and Warranty
  • Ecological Packaging
  • * iGUi Exclusivity

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