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About Us
The world's leading swimming pool manufacturing company, iGUi, stands out for its excellence in meeting the expectations of the most demanding markets. With an extensive range of ceramic pool models and finishes, iGUi provides several advantages to our resellers, allowing them to offer high quality pools at highly competitive prices.
Luxury pools totally finished with porcelain tiles. It is delivered ready to the customer´s house, quick and easy to install, avoiding long construction work periods, unlike the traditional built pools, which may take months.
Benefits of becoming a Dealer
  • Exclusivity of territory (to be negotiated)
  • Free installation training and annual technical support
  • Free printed brochures (high quality)
  • Exclusive support from our Architects and Engineers for 3D Projects and plans
  • Support and development of advertisement materials
  • Website
  • Annual conventions with Dealers from more than 50 countries
  • $ Competitive price
  • Differentiated and exclusive products
  • Credibility of a brand present in 50 countries on the 5 continents
Become a Dealer
Hello! If the time to serve you is out of your expectation, send us another e-mail and we will include your consult to our priority list.