Adapter with Pre Filter

Adapters with pre-filter are used to connect the floating hose to the water treatment plant in order to carry out the vacuum and clean the pool

They are 2 types of adapters with pre-filter, one for use with the Pratic filtering element (deeper basket) and the other for use with Pratic cartridge filter element (the cart is more chata).

They can be used with or without filter elements (PRATIC POLYESTER filter and/or cartridge), depending on the amount and type of dirt accumulated in the bottom of the pool.

Another factor to consider is the aspiration will be effected and the water will return to the pool (method recommended for water saving and where the use of filter elements is essential) or if the water will be eliminated, drainage (where is not necessary to use the filter elements).

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Pre-filters have 2 parts, the adapter itself and the basket that collects the dirt of greater volume (leaves, branches, bugs, etc.). Both are separated to be able to pull garbage retained once the aspiration it´s done and it´s lock again for its use, simple and quickly.

Pre-filter aspiration adapters serve for all models of iGUi filters: ECO SYSTEM, G2, G3 and G4.