Thermas Kelvin Heat Pump

Enjoy your pool year-round!

Keep your pool water heated in any season.

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The Thermas Kelvin collects and absorbs heat from the ambient air, this heat is compressed and transferred to the pool water.

  • High Efficiency and Durability
  • Saves up to 80% of the cost compared to an electric heater
  • Easy control and operation
  • Timer
  • Just turn it on and set the desired water temperature for your pool
  • The system includes a controller so that all operations are defined

Note: For proper functioning of the Thermas Kelvin, it is necessary to install auxiliary motor pump

15.300 Btus / 0.99 Kw/h - compact pools

26.600 Btus / 1.61 Kw/h - medium pools

42.600 Btus / 2.73 Kw/h - large pools