About iGUi

How it all began

iGUi is the largest franchise network of swimming pools in the world and it is present in 50 countries. The network began its operations in the city of Gravatai, Rio Grande do Sul, in June 1995. In 2000, it established its new industrial pole and offices in the interior of Sao Paulo.

Currently, the brand iGUi is the leader in the segment, accounting for about 800 units of: over 330 distributors in Brazil, more than 200 units of the iGUi franchise Trata Bien and over 170 units abroad. In addition, 40 factories are strategically installed in Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Paraguay, Portugal and United States.

The choice of the name iGUi is a tribute to the incalculable indigenous inheritance based on the importance of the preservation, care and respect with which we treat nature and, above all, water. The word iGUi (whose letters I, and YG, u, ug, are native to the tupi-guarani dialect) meaning "Water".

The participation of iGUi in domestic and international markets grows progressively. The brand has one of the best and most lucrative franchise networks.

The project won the leadership in the market of swimming pools through hard work and investment, licensing business, expansion of the number of factories and reaching an agile and versatile, logistics for exclusive attention to the franchisee.

iGUi enterprise aims to do more and with large releases and strategies for unique and innovative product lines that meet best the customers service requirements,thus creating great business opportunities for franchisees of the network.


Each year the group is looking for a real growth ,above double-digit . We believe in the strength of the brand, combined with a great infrastructure and partners focused on the same ideal, with creativity, innovation and technological pioneering added to products.

In this way, our franchisees have the security of being part of a network of strong and prosperous, because it possesses a solid composition, based on product development, manufacturing, as well as having a strategic team; excellent tool of communication and support for the Business Coalition.

Factories set is highlighted by the grandeur of the facilities, with more than 80,000 m² of built area dedicated exclusively to the production of swimming pools and many other related products. Strategically located, it allows the development of an excellent logistics; modern facilities with technology advanced and professionals highly qualified and trained to develop quality products and international standards.and professionals highly qualified and trained to develop quality products and international standards.

iGUi - Mais de 80 mil m2 de área construída
Mapa Franquias e Fábricas iGUi no Mundo

iGUi Factories

Regarding structure, iGUi WorldWide counts on more thans thirty plants only in Brazil and more than forty around the world, manufacturing since the franchisees and employees uniforms, swimming pools and other products and accessories.

  • 16 Swimming Pools Factories in Brazil
  • 02 Swimming Pools Factory in Argentina
  • 01 Swimming Pools Factory in Paraguai
  • 01 Swimming Pools Factory in Portugal
  • 01 Swimming Pools Factory in Mexico
  • 04 Pool Filters and Accessories Factories
  • 01 Thermoplastic Reinforcement Factory
  • 01 Rotomolded Items Factory
  • 01 Matrices Factory
  • 01 Pool Covers Factory
  • 01 Pool Molds Factory
  • 01 Injection-Molded Factory
  • 01 Swimming Pool Chemical Products Factory
  • 01 Gel Coat Factory
  • 01 Uniforms Factory

Standard Project for Dealerships

iGUi possesses an architect which guarantees the standardization of its stores, developing new projects and creating shelves for the participation of the company in national and international events and fairs.

It attends to the franchises in regard to requests for projects and develops all the visual communication of the truck Transformer for through this way the participation in events could reflect our standardization, as well as the enhancement of our brand.