Eletronic System

Your iGUi in palm of your hand.

Eletronic System

With Eletronic System, iGUi goes far beyond the pool

Technology, practicality, innovation, comfort and safety. iGUi Eletronic System is an automation system designed to make the integration between your home, its swimming pool and its recreation area, all controlled in the Palm of your hand.

With this unique system of iGUi, wherever you may be, you can enable filtering, heating, lighting and much more, because the system allows you to operate several devices, such as opening the garage door, turning on the light , among others.

Customize your recreation area!

In this option the client can edit different functions of his/her choice, such as electronic door, lighting, among others.

iGUi Eletronic System - Fun

Access this function and enjoy your pool by triggering the elements of the cascade of Jet units and new release of iGUiLux Jet Color.

iGUi Eletronic System - Lighting

Make your surroundings more beautiful by choosing and controlling the colors of the lighting system, also by activating the Show function of your pool.

iGUi Eletronic System - Heating

With the connected wireless, you can heat your pool water by controlling the heating with the OFF and ON buttons wherever and whenever you want.

iGUi Eletronic System - Filtering

Take care of your pool filtering automatically, both with the Papaterra function aas well as the normal filtration.

iGUi Eletronic System - Alerts

Safety sensors aimed at informing the user through notifications the occurrence of possible anomalies and errors in the system.

iGUi Eletronic System - Contact

With this option, you will have access to the data from the store where you purchased the products iGUi, entering into direct conctact with our representative.

iGUi Eletronic System

The display on the top cover allows you to see the quality of the filter without having to do the washing or even opening the machine.

  • Flow Sensor
  • Flooding Detector
  • Security pre-filter in the bulge of the equipment
  • Safety Drain Against Flooding
  • Constant lighting inside the equipment
Filtro Eletronic System

Main Series Items

Salt Chlorinator

The iGUi chlorinator works turning salt into chlorine through a chemical reaction.

The equipment works with salinated water, causing a chemical reaction through electrolysis by metal plates that are inside and are fed electrically.

Clorador iGUi

Papaterra Automatic Pool Vaccum

Automatically cleans the pool with efficiency.Vacuums all dirt accumulated on the walls and bottom of the pool.


Aquanível (Automatic Level Regulator)

Avoid wasted replacement water and automatically keep the pool at its ideal level.

Economy and tranquility. Exclusivity iGUi.

Aquanível iGUi

Underwater Led Light (iGUi Lux Dual Color RGB)

With the underwater LED light iGUi LUX DUAL COLOR your pool will be transformed in a color party with many options and effects using only a remote control.

iGUi Lux Azul
iGUi Lux Verde
iGUi Lux Vermelho
iGUi Lux Vermelho

iGUiLux Jet Color

It is fitted with a colorful lighting system and generates a perfect stream of water, so the light is projected through the water, making also possible to control the color of light stream through the iGUi Lux Dual Color RGB , with several choices of shades of colors and shows.

iGUi Lux Azul
iGUi Lux Verde
iGUi Lux Vermelho
iGUi Lux Vermelho