Access your leisure moments
Access your leisure moments

With Access iGUi, the user simply sits in the chair and the equipment gently places and removes them from the pool.

With it, seniors and those with special needs can have access to the pool to enjoy leisure or exercise without the need for a person to lower them manually.

Its automatic operation via remote control is simple, making it easier for the user to control the equipment.

Its stainless steel structure promotes long durability and resistance to the effects of time.

Maximum weight supported 120kg

We inform you that Acesse equipment should not be operated by children or minors without the assistance of a responsible person.

Minors and children must always be assisted by a responsible person.

Attention: Make sure that all products and accessories installed in your pool are from the iGUi/Progeu brand.

We are not responsible for related products, and no guarantees will be provided for products from other brands.

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