Papaterra Automatic Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuums your pool automatically
Vacuums your pool automatically

The Papaterra is a very practical automatic vacuum cleaner that vacuums your pool on its own efficiently.


It automatically cleans very efficiently, sucking up dirt deposited on the bottom and walls of your pool. Just connect the hose to the adapter with pre-filter, turn on the equipment and Papaterra will start vacuuming your pool using only the suction from the filter, and the best thing is that it doesn't need installation, it's ready to use.


The pool filtration equipment pump must have at least 1/2 HP of power and for pools that are not iGUi, a minimum flow of 5 m³/h (5 thousand liters per hour) is required, if in doubt check the manual installation of your equipment.

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Attention: Make sure that all products and accessories installed in your pool are from the iGUi/Progeu brand.

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