Levita Retractable Cover

Live peacefully with Levita from iGUi
Live peacefully with Levita from iGUi

A retractable and automatic cover that can be used on square and rectangular pools, which in addition to safety will save you energy and make the maintenance and upkeep of your pool more practical.

up to 8 m²
from 8 to 12 m²
from 12 to 16 m²
from 16 to 20 m²
from 20 to 24 m²
from 24 to 28 m²
from 28 to 32 m²

Safety: Keeps the pool covered, preventing accidents.

Economical: Avoids energy loss during heating and reduces the use of chemical products.

Practical: Protects water against dirt with a simple electrical operation.

Ecological: Eliminates waste, in addition to being made with recyclable plastic.

Technological: Has connection with the Electronic System application

Live peacefully with Levita!

Maximum supported weight 50kg

We inform you that the Levitá Retractable Covering equipment helps, but does not guarantee total safety.

Minors and children must always be assisted by a responsible person.

Immediate delivery

Attention: Make sure that all products and accessories installed in your pool are from the iGUi/Progeu brand.

We are not responsible for related products, and no guarantees will be provided for products from other brands.

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