Max Cover

Protection for your pool
Protection for your pool

Increases safety in the leisure area, protecting children, the elderly and domestic animals.


Polyester weave with double layer of highly resistant PVC supporting a weight of 80kg and using thermal welding in its seams, eyelets and brass pins, not rusting over time.

Measure 4,5m x 2,5m un
Measure 5,5m x 3,0m un
Measure 6,5m x 3,5m un
Measure 7,5m x 4,0m un
Measure 8,5m x 4,5m un
Measure 9,5m x 4,5m un
Measure 10,5m x 5,0m un

Fastening is done with 06mm ropes and supports up to 362Kgf.

Special models only to order with delivery time of 40 days.

Note: The use of the Max Cover where the pool is exposed to the sun for a long period and with a lot of heat, may cause cracks in the Gel Coat, compromising the pool's warranty.

We inform you that Capa Max helps, but does not guarantee complete safety.

Minors and children must always be assisted by a responsible person.

Immediate delivery

Attention: Make sure that all products and accessories installed in your pool are from the iGUi/Progeu brand.

We are not responsible for related products, and no guarantees will be provided for products from other brands.

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