Pool Safety

The largest swimming pool chain in the world, iGUi has assumed the commitment and responsibility of manufacturing products that make swimming pools safe, protect people, especially children, and give peace of mind to families.

And because it understands that leisure and well-being are directly linked to safety in swimming pools, iGUi has developed a specific line of filters, control panel, cover, cover, protective enclosure, and other important items to protect and prevent children, elderly people from and animals enter the pool without authorization or supervision from an adult and, to guarantee lots of fun in complete safety for your family.

According to data from the Ministry of Health, 4,316 children between 0 and 14 years old died in 2014 as a result of domestic accidents. More than a thousand cases were drowning. This represents 24% of the total number of deaths in this age group.

Security! This is the word

If you are purchasing a swimming pool, you need and should know this subject.

In countries where security is a priority, closed suction has been prohibited for many years. With our equipment, the suction, drainage and circulation of water are carried out without pressure exposed to the user, completely avoiding the risk of hurting or trapping people submerged.


Products for your safety

Live peacefully with Levita from iGUi

A retractable and automatic cover that can be used on square and rectangular pools, which in addition to safety will save you energy and make the maintenance and upkeep of your pool more practical.

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Levita Retractable Cover
Provides greater safety and facilitates the use of your pool.

Produced in the colors White, Grey, Ivory, Oak, Imbuía and Black, Railing Max matches any type of finish on your pool deck and leisure area.

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Max Handrail
Quando o assunto é segurança, qualidade é fundamental!

Made from neoprene, the Max iGUi Vest guarantees comfort for children and peace of mind for parents.

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Max Vest
Security technology for family peace of mind

É um produto apropriado para o cercamento da piscina, garantindo a tranquilidade da família com as crianças e pequenos animais

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Max Siege
Protection for your pool

Increases safety in the leisure area, protecting children, the elderly and domestic animals.

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Max Cover