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UNLIMITED exclusivity
UNLIMITED brings a different concept in two main aspects: versatility and technology. Through a wide range of options in finishes, formats, measurements and accessories, they offer infinite possibilities to our customers who seek exclusivity and convenience.
Creativity and innovation without borders. UNLIMITED works with custom shapes and measurements.
Connect with your environment
We have 4 options that are design trends: Beach, Infinity Edge, Integrated Spa and Transparency.
Versatile finishes The coating is one of the elements that defines the "personality" of your pool. It is highly versatile, enabling integration with various types of environments. UNLIMITED values exclusivity and offers options in porcelain tiles, ceramic tiles, natural stones and different types of edges.
Variety and sophistication for your Unlimited.

Partner We strongly believe in innovative projects focused on total customer satisfaction. With this objective, the partnership between Cerâmica Atlas and iGUi was born.

There are several texture and format options: 5cm x 5cm tablets, 2.5cm x 2.5cm tablets, non-slip tablets, HD printing, tablets with textures and REC line, corners and corners, among many other possibilities.

Get your project done without commitment in three ways
360ºSchedule a visit with one of our consultants. We will create a complete and exclusive 3D 360º project of your leisure area with UNLIMITED.
3DIf you prefer, send your project by email with the finishing model, so we can also make a quote and present a 3D project of the area.
By E-MAILAnother option is to send the measurements and desired finish using the form below, and with this information we will send you a quote.

Architect have your brand signed in titanium in your work and be remembered forever